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WISH 2018 Grant Award Ceremony

The 2018 WISH Grant Recipients gather after the award program with members of the WISH Advisory Committee, Shepherd University President Dr. Mary J.C. Hendrix, and sponsor John Wolff. (l to r back row): Kara Renner (Good Samaritan), Randy Rodriquez (Good Samaritan), Peter Vila (Tabler Farm), Sytil Murphy (Tabler Farm), Jeffrey Groff (Tabler Farm), Julia Sandy (Catherine Weltzheimer House), Keith Alexander (Catherine Weltzheimer House), Carolyn Fleenor (WISH Advisory Committee), John Wolff (Sponsor), Steve Shaffer (Tabler Farm), Liz Oates (WISH Advisory Committee), Ross Curtis (CASA); (l to r front row): Mary Runkles (Good Samaritan), Dana Rodriquez (Good Samaritan), Dr. Mary J. C. Hendrix, Cosby Potter-Davis (Good Samaritan), Vicki Barnard (CASA-EP), Bonnie Brannon (WISH Grant Committee Chair), Pam Curtis (CASA), Marilyn Schoon (CASA), Bev Hughes (WISH Advisory Committee), and Mary “Peachy” Staley (WISH Advisory Committee)

CASA-EP Executive Director Vicki Barnard (l) poses with board members Pam Curtis, Ross Curtis, and Marilyn Schoon

(l to r) Good Samaritan Free Clinic representatives Kara Renner, Mary Runkles, Dana Rodriquez, Director Cosby Potter-Davis, and Randy Rodriquez accept the 2018 nonprofit WISH award

(l to r) Dr. Sytil Murphy, Dr. Jeffrey Groff, Dr. Peter Vila, and Steven Shaffer were on hand to accept the 2018 Shepherd learning project WISH grant award

Dr. Julia Sandy and Dr. Keith Alexander are spearheading the Catherine Weltzheimer House Restoration Project, one of the 2018 WISH Shepherd learning project grant recipients

John Wolff `88, of Bronfman Rothschild Wealth Advisors, and his wife Lisa `87 were on hand for the award presentation. The Wolffs have been a continuing support system for WISH since its inception in 2014.

(l to r) Shepherd University Foundation Executive Vice President Monica Lingenfelter, WISH Grant Committee Chair Bonnie Brannon, Shepherd University Foundation Executive Director of Development and WISH Membership Committee Co-Chair Sherri Janelle, WISH Membership Committee Co-Chair Teresa McCabe, and Shepherd University Foundation Director of Donor Relations Meg Peterson

Dr. Mary J.C. Hendrix, Shepherd University President and WISH member (second from right) listens to the presentations with WISH Advisory members and committee chairs

An aerial view from the picturesque Erma Ora Byrd Nursing Building’s atrium

(l to r) WISH members and life long friends Sherry Brown, Nancy Spensley, Jenny Sue Kohlhepp, Jody Carter, and Sara Lueck gather after the award presentation

WISH Membership Committee Member Donna Burns (l) and WISH Founding Member Carol Rockwell (r)

Good Samaritan Free Clinic representative Dana Rodriquez (l) with Director Cosby-Potter Davis (r)

(l to r) Janet Harner, Judy Hockman, Donna Burns, WISH Advisory members Liz Oates and Peachy Staley, and Margaret Cogswell

(l to r) Ellen Hoffman, Roy Winkel, Judith Briod, and Judy Jones

Sherri Janelle (l) chats with new member Betsy Gambino (c) and founding member Linda Roach (r)

Lisa Wolff `87, along with daughters Emma, Hannah, and Madison, listen to the award presentations

WISH member Lois Jarman (l) chats with Betty Lowe (r). Betty was a guest of the Shepherd learning project recipient Catherine Weltzheimer House Restoration, as she has put in countless hours with her sorority Phi Sigma Chi helping with the project.

Teresa McCabe (l) chats with WISH member Renee Senseney Lowe (r)

(l) Shepherd University Foundation Executive Vice President Monica LIngenfelter and WISH Advisory Member Liz Oates (r)

The 2018 Shepherd learning project recipients gathered after the awards ceremony: (l to r) Dr. Julia Sandy (Catherine Weltzheimer House), Dr. Jeffrey Groff (Tabler Farm), Dr. Keith Alexander (Catherine Weltzheimer House), Dr. Peter Vila (Tabler Farm), Dr. Sytil Murphy (Tabler Farm), and Mr. Steven Shaffer (Tabler Farm)

WISH members Jean Slonaker (l) and Amy Moore-Luettke (c) pose with guest Elisabeth Staro (r)

Over 100 WISH members and guests provided an electric atmosphere for the 2018 WISH Grant Award presentations