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President’s Club Members

Howard ’77 and Sumiko Allen
Argos USA, LLC
Paul ’70 and Judith ’70 Armstrong
William Blair and Susan Mentzer-Blair ’72
Dr. Marcia Brand and Mark Outhier
Gat and Susan Caperton
Dr. Joseph P. Catlett ’80
Daniel Clarke / NexGen Music
Nancy Cohen and Rear Admiral Jay Cohen, USN, Retired
David ’89 & Cathy ’92 Decker
Dr. D. Benjamin ’08 and Danielle ’10 Deuell
Jack ’61 and Pat Moler ’60 Egle
The Honorable Scot Faulkner
Alan Gibson
Connie Keiter Hagelin ’70
Susan ’70 and Bruce Hampton
Dr. Kelly Hart and Wendy Keller
Dr. Mary J.C. Hendrix ’74 and Charles Craft
Michael Hudson ’72
Dr. Stanley ’56 and Judith Ikenberry
Christopher and Sherri Janelle
Marty and Carol Kable
Malcolm and Kay Kamin
Christian ’74 and Deborah ’74 Koerner
William and Monica Lingenfelter
Allen ’67 and the late Sara ’67 Lueck
Dr. Ben Martz
Paul ’83 and Rosanne McDermott
Christine Meyer
Francine ’82 and John Phillips
Scott ’80 and Linda Hottel ’81 Roach
Stanley Rote ’65
Dr. Alan Schriesheim
R.B. Seem ’04
Joseph ’80 and Julie Siler
Norma Siler ’54
Austin ’76 and Carmen Slater
Anne Small ’67
Michael ’89 and Wendy Smith
Peter and Lois Spreen
Amanda Steiner ’98
Drs. Mark & Barbara Stern
Jack ’81 and Deborah Thayer
Glenn Twigg, Jr. ’73
Sylvia Wehr
Karl Wolf ’70
Alfred Young ’89