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2018 Joseph P. McMurran Society Dinner Reception

Held in the beautiful bi-level atrium of Erma Ora Byrd Hall, the anual Joseph P. McMurran Society Dinner is hosted by President Mary J.C. Hendrix and features a four-course meal prepared by Shepherd University’s own catering department.

Foundation executive vice president Monica Lingenfelter kicked off the brief program by welcoming alumni and friends in attendance.

As part of the program, Foundation president Chris Colbert recognized five new members into the Joseph P. McMurran Society and presented them with a commemorative gift. Gerald and Bonnie Dodson of Berryville, VA, were the first two be recognized. Gerald is a 1977 graduate of Shepherd, where he majored in Physical Education. He spent 28 years as a math teacher and six years as an administrator in Clarke County and Frederick County Schools in Virginia, and also coached several sports. Bonnie is the newly retired director of the senior center for Shenandoah Agency for the Aging in Clarke County. The couple established the Gerald and Bonne Dodson Scholarship in support of education majors.

New member Lynn Leatherman is a 1992 graduate of Shepherd’s business program, and the owner of Leatherman Industries in Falling Waters. He is a former member of the Foundation Board and the Alumni Association Board and a longtime member of the Scarborough Society. Lynn created the Dale and Rozelle Leatherman Scholarship in memory of his parents and in support of Shepherd’s new College of Business.

Richard and Barbara Nickell of Shepherdstown were also welcomed into the McMurran Society. Barbara is a 1952 graduate of Shepherd University and the couple are longtime supporters of the university, as well as members of the Scarborough Society. They are actively involved in the Shepherd community and attend many of the campus events.

In addition to welcoming its newest members, all members of the Joseph P. McMurran Society in attendance were recognized at the event.

Guests were also treated to a musical performance by Shepherd students Anthony Stoika on the vibraphone and Heidi Macaluso on the piano. Both are music majors at Shepherd – Heidi is majoring in piano pedagogy, while Anthony is pursuing a degree in music performance with an emphasis in jazz.

Heidi and Anthony lent a jazzy ambiance to the festivities with their six-minute piece entitled “Strawberry Therapy for Vibraphone and Piano.”

Lisa Welch enjoys the piano/vibraphone jazz duet by Shepherd students Heidi Macaluso and Anthony Stoika.

Monica Lingenfelter introduces Shepherd supporter Delegate Riley Moore.

Shepherd alumna Regina Jones peruses the program for the evening.

(From left): First-time guest Elaine Mauck gets a warm welcome from McMurran Society members Sue Menatzer-Blair and Dan and Joan Starliper.

Al Lueck and Harrison Lanham chat with Bill Lingenfelter.

The annual McMurran Society Dinner is a favorite event among alumni who enjoy catching up. Here Regina Jones ’54 (left) greets fellow alum and new McMurran Society member Barbara Nickell ’52.

Bill Blair greets fellow McMurran Society member Erdem Ergin, a regular attendee of the event with his wife, Joan.

President Hendrix chats with Sandra Jenkins and Mary Bell.

McMurran Society member Betty Lowe (right) visits with her grandson, Brant Lowe, and new member Barbara Nickell.

McMurran members Al Lueck and Paul “Soupy” Hillyard

Monica Lingenfelter visits with Richard and Barbara Nickell (right) while Betty Lowe chats with Jo Hillyard and Brittany Lowe.

Bill and Sue Mentzter-Blair talk with Dr. Ben Martz, dean of Shepherd’s new College of Business.

Foundation board member Dr. Jason Best chats with guest Kelly Smith.

From left: Diane Steece, Al and Sara Lueck, and Winnie McGarty

Shepherd University acting provost Dr. Scott Beard and Alan Gibson visit with Mary Bell and Sandra Jenkins prior to dinner.

Diane Steece

President Hendrix chats with Soupy Hillyard.

Brant Lowe

Students Heidi Macaluso and Anthony Stoika share a moment of conversation before their musical performance.

Dr. Jason Best talks with Katie Huntsberry (center) and Leah Drummeter, daughter of Sharon Drummeter, a well-loved and respected assistant nursing professor at Shepherd University who passed away in 2012 after battling Acute Myeloid Lymphoma. The Professor Sharon R. Drummeter Endowed Scholarship for Nursing was established in her honor by her husband, Louis Drummeter.

Winnie McGarty chats with McMurran Society member Sara Lueck.

Dr. Ben Martz and McMurran member Karl Wolf.

Diane Steece and Regina Jones share a lovely moment.

Christi Smith

Foundation board member Heidi Hanrahan with Sue Mentzer-Blair, who was named director emerita to the board in September 2017.

New McMurran Society members Gerald and Bonnie Dodson greet fellow new members Richard and Barbara Nickell.

New McMurran member Lynn Leatherman attended the dinner with his daughter, Lyndsey Matschat, who is also a Shepherd grad.

President Hendrix chats with Ben Martz and Dow Benedict, dean of the College of Arts and Humanities.

Foundation EVP chats with Regina Jones, a 1954 graduate of Shepherd.

Foundation president Chris Colbert talks with new McMurran member Lynn Leatherman before dinner.

Bill and Sue Mentzer-Blair

Shepherd assistant vice president for student affairs Holly Frye (left) with new McMurran Society members Richard and Barbara Nickell

McMurran Society member Tom Miller

Elaine Mauck

Shepherd University acting provost Dr. Scott Beard

Dow Benedict, dean of the College of Arts and Humanities

McMurran Society member Jean Carper

Richard Nickell talks with President Hendrix.

From left, seated: Mary Ann Morgan, Barbara Nickell, Richard Nickell, President Mary J.C. Hendrix, Gerald Dodson, and Bonnie Dodson; standing: Holly Frye and Delegate Riley Moore

From left, seated: Marellen Aherne, Dow Benedict, Thomas Banks, Kim Hutto – Director of Alumni Affairs, and Regina Jones; standing: Alan Gibson, Scott Beard, and Lisa Welch.

From left, seated: Sandra Jenkins, Mary Bell, Monica Lingenfelter, Lynn Leatherman, Lyndsey Matschat; standing: Leonard Banks, Penny Banks, and Bill Lingenfelter

From left: Tom Miller, Hap Becker, Ann Henriksson, Anders Hendriksson, Pat Egle, and Jack Egle

From left, standing: Leah Drummeter, Katie Huntsberry, Sara Maene, Jason Best, Kelly Smith; seated: Heidi Macaluso, Cynthia Smailes Rybak, Christi Smith

From left, seated: Diane Steece, Winnie McGarty, Bonnie Cater, Jean Carper; standing: Harrison Lanham, Sara Lueck, Al Lueck, Vicki Lanham

From left: Soupy Hillyard, Jo Hillyard, Betty Lowe, Brant Lowe, Brittany Lowe, Ben Martz

From left: Elaine Mauck, BreAnne Rugh, Karl Wolf, Meg Peterson, Heidi Hanrahan