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WSU Girls Night Out at Big Cork

Tasting set up

The Production Room is ready for the WSU tasting

Owner and Shepherd alum Randy Thompson `93 welcomed WSU guests to Big Cork

Lead volunteer Ann Hummer (r) chats with her friend Kay Craig (l)

Big Cork vintner Dave Collins leads one of the tasting groups

A tasting group marks their rating sheet

Aerial view from the production room catwalk

Shepherd University Foundation staff members Stacy McFarland (l) and Katie Swayne (r) model some of the hats in the lobby

Nancy Spensley (l) listens intently to the tasting

Amy Kayes, Linda Roach, and Sherri Janelle pose for a picture

Enjoying the delicious food after the tasting


Elizabeth Staley (l) and Diana Fisher (r) enjoy wine and food