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Women for Shepherd University Hosts the Bodice Project at Popodicon

Women for Shepherd University and the Shepherd University Foundation sponsored the Bodice Project, a sculptural exhibit on the inner struggle and healing from breast cancer, at historic Popodicon from October 27-30. Over 100 alumni, community members, faculty and staff attended the opening reception on Thursday, October 27.

The Bodice Project, created by Cynthia Fraula-Hahn, is designed to focus on the inner healing and recovery by those diagnosed with breast cancer. Eighteen pieces, each ranging in materials from gauze to porcelain to wood and hand painted or embellished by local artists, were displayed as a testament to the models’ personal stories.

Dr. Hendrix was also on hand to welcome guests in attendance. As a world renowned researcher who continues to focus on creating new strategies to target breast cancer and melanoma, Dr. Hendrix offered her valuable insight.

“We are making progress in the war on cancer with advances in diagnosis, immunotherapy, and personalized medicine,” said Dr. Hendrix.

Women for Shepherd planning committee members Carolyn Vigil, Bonnie Baily `15, and Dr. Heidi Hanrahan were instrumental in organizing the event. The exhibit, which was on display through Sunday, October 30, was staffed by student docents from the University’s English and Women’s Studies departments.

“We are thrilled that we were able to bring the Bodice Project to Shepherd University,” said Vigil, whose own mother and grandmother are breast cancer survivors. “This exhibit was a powerful and moving experience.”

To view photos of the exhibit and reception, visit this photo gallery. To learn more about the Bodice Project, visit here.