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Shepherd legacy family creates scholarship for education majors

Emily Waters serves as matriarch of a family that boasts nine Shepherd graduates over three generations.

The Miller-Waters alumni include Emily’s late brother, Frank Miller ’55, and his wife, Althea Vickers Miller ’57; son Daniel Waters ’90 and wife Sonja Youngblood Waters ’99; daughter-in-law Wanda Evy Waters ’89; and two grandsons, Zachary Waters ’13 and Ethan Waters ’19, along with Ethan’s wife, Jacqueline Kowalski Waters ’16. All majored in education except Daniel Waters, who earned his degree in business administration, and Zachary Waters, who majored in communications.

“It was my granddaughter-in-law, Jackie, who first noted how many teachers we have in our family,” said Emily Waters. “And all of them are graduates of Shepherd.”

Members of the Miller-Waters Family who graduated from Shepherd University include (from l.) Jacqueline Kowalski Waters ’16, Ethan Waters ’19, Sonja Youngblood Waters ’99, Emily Miller Waters ’57, Daniel Waters ’90, the late Frank Miller ’55, Althea Vickers Miller ’57, Wanda Evy Waters ’89, and Zachary Waters ’13.

The realization inspired a timeless family photo featuring all nine Miller-Waters alumni set against the backdrop of historic McMurran Hall with its banner celebrating the 150th anniversary of Shepherd University’s founding. It also prompted Emily to endow a named fund in tribute to her family’s enduring legacy at Shepherd. Her sister-in-law, Shepherd classmate, and dear friend, Althea Vickers Miller, helped to enrich the Miller-Waters Family Scholarship with a generous gift of her own. The scholarship will support of students pursuing studies in the area of education.

Emily majored in home economics and biology and went on to teach both subjects for Berkeley and Jefferson County Schools in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle prior to her retirement. At Shepherd, she graduated with with honors and earned the designation of Outstanding Home Economics Student.

“As a student, I felt like it was an honor just to be able to attend college,” said Emily. “I just love Shepherd.”