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Scholar Spotlight with Franck Aymard Yavo

The Scholar Spotlight this week is on Franck Aymard Yavo, a freshman from Martinsburg, WV. Franck is majoring in environmental studies with a focus on geomatics, and is the recipient of the Ronald R. and Eileen L. Reeder Memorial Scholarship. Designated for students majoring in environmental studies, this scholarship was created by Eileen Reeder in memory of her husband, Ronald Reeder. The name of the fund was updated following Eileen’s passing by the couple’s son, Ronald Reeder, II, to also honor his mother’s memory.
“First, I want to thank you for the chance you have given me to be the recipient of the Ronald Reeder Memorial Scholarship,” said Franck. “This scholarship is a breath of fresh air that you are offering me to pay my tuition fees. It is of great help as it saves me money for my daily needs. In addition, this scholarship allows me to focus more on my studies instead of jobs to support myself.”