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Education is One Focus of the Nora Roberts Foundation

Maryland-born novelist Nora Roberts reportedly spends eight hours a day, seven days a week writing, having published more than 200 books over the course of her successful writing career. But Roberts has also been quite active in philanthropy, and the Nora Roberts Foundation gives to a long list of nonprofits each year—around 140 organizations—mainly on the local and regional levels.

While the foundation’s main focus is literacy, additional areas of charitable giving include children’s programs, arts organizations, humanitarian efforts, and education. The Shepherd University Foundation is thrilled to count itself among several local and regional beneficiaries of this charitable organization, having received a substantial grant from the Nora Roberts Foundation in 2014.

Read more about the focuses of the Nora Roberts Foundation at Inside Philanthropy, which recently published a report on the organization’s philanthropic focus and activities. The Foundation extends our deepest gratitude to Nora Roberts for her generosity, as well as her local loyalties.