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As an advocate for Shepherd’s Day of Giving on March 9, 2022, you can “leave your mark” on Shepherd. By making a gift and sharing your Ram Fam story social media circles, your advocacy ensures 2022 Day of Giving will be a success!

How can you help?

Become an Advocate

Advocates for Shepherd’s Day of Giving inspire others to support Shepherd. You’ll spread awareness and encourage others to join you, all to make a difference for our RamFam. It is easy, fun, and can make a major impact.

Here’s how you can “leave your mark:


Great advocates lead by example and leverage their gift to encourage others to give! You even have the opportunity to add a match or a challenge.

Create a Personal Plea

Tell the Shepherd community why you are part of Day of Giving. Record a short (under one minute) selfie video on a cell phone. Uploading your video is simple—select the ‘Advocates’ tab in your GiveCampus account and follow the instructions provided. After our team reviews and approves your submission, a button to watch the video will appear next to your name in the Advocates tab.

Share the Campaign Link on Your Own Social Media

With built-in buttons located in the ‘Advocates’ tab in your GiveCampus account, it is easy to spread the word. These built-in buttons generate links that are unique to you and allow the number of clicks, gifts, and dollars generated by your outreach to be tracked. One thing to remember: share early and share often!

Here’s what a GiveCampus advocate tab looks like:

Sharing Shepherd’s story on social media

When sharing on social media, make sure to use these hashtags:



Remember to make your posts public (not friends only) so that we can share them! If you have a Facebook account, save this image and use it on March 25th as your banner:

And follow our social media pages so you can like and share our posts.

Social media post examples

You can use variations of these posts to spread the word about Shepherd’s Day of Giving. Tag friends and challenge them to join you in giving and sharing their RamFam story!

Before the Day of Giving

#ShepherdDayofGiving is March 9. Will you join me?

Will you join in making a difference for Shepherd students? #RamFam21 is 3-9-22!

Day of Giving: March 9

Calling all Rams! Shepherd’s Day of Giving is back. Help us reach 200 donors in one day!

“Leave Your Mark” on Shepherd University today. I’m raising money for ___. #RamFam21

Today is #ShepherdDayofGiving. I made a difference, and you can too!

Here’s an image you can use for your post:

Right-click and choose “save image as” to add it to your photo library. Then, when posting, upload the photo from your library.